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This is a convenient place for me to put information people have asked for in the Cub Master Section of the Bridal Veil Falls District round table. You can contact me (Brian "the walrus" Jarvis) at roundtable[at]thewalrus[dot]com. Please put "[Cub Scouts]" in the subject to help separate your email from spam.

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Online Training

Online training is available to help scout leaders make the most of their limited time. Click on the following links to access the various training courses or go to the BSA Online Learning Center: Additional training links can be found on the training web page.

November 2004: Holiday Food Fare

There are many other awards that can be eared by Cub Scouts, such as the Cub Scout 75th Anniversary Awards.
Jim Richardson wrote a Cub Scout Chant and shared it with us.

October 2004: Collections

Jim Richardson created some lists of cub scout requirements that can be met at pack meeting. Here is his original file. Here is a simple web version.
Here is a collections certificate that I used.

May 2004: Cub Rocks

Richard Adams created some certificates for his Cub Scout Olympics. Here are` the Microsoft Word documents he created: #1 and #2. You may need to fiddle with fonts if your machine does not have the ones he used.

Richard has also created some soundtracks and has made them available as MP3 files at this link.

Thanks Richard!

April 2003: Lights, Camera, Action!

Our icebreaker was a vocabulary game where the participants invented new definitions for interesting (but real) movie terms. Here is the MSWord document I used. This is where I got the definitions.

February 2003: Why Does it Do That?

Our preopener was crossword puzzle and word search about great inventors and their inventions. Here is the MSWord document I used.

January 2003: Uncle Sam Depends On You

Our preopener was a matching game with States and their nicknames and mottos. Here is the MSWord document I used. Here is the MSExcel document with the raw data.

October 2002: Kids Against Crime

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